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"Quality Dental care with a personal touch"

Guarantee for treatments

According to the high standards of dentistry at our implant clinic,

we offer a 10 years’ guarantee for

Nobel Biocare’s 

standardized implant portfolio comprises solutions for all indications—from single-tooth to fully edentulous restorations—offering the best possible quality and esthetics to dental professionals and their patients. 

  • SPI Spiral Implants Alpha Bio implants
  • Full ceramic prostheses
  • Cemented metal-ceramic prostheses
  •   7 years guarantee
  • AlphaBio ARRP Arrow press implats
  • And
  • Alpha Bio ARRC arrow press Changable Implants

  •  5 years guarantee
  • IMTEC Mini Dental Implants

The guarantee covers the following:

If the implanted teeth, inlays, dentures or prostheses treated or prepared in our clinics break, become damaged, slacken, crack or change colour despite proper use, we will restore, treat or correct these without payment liability.

Guarantee is not valid in case of:

  • Root canal fillings made at other clinics and illnesses or damage due to those treatments
  • Interventions at our centres for implants, prostheses and other treatment problems not attempted or prepared by our dentists
  • Ongoing treatment for unknown allergies and outcomes of them
  • Extreme use of treated teeth such as grinding during sleeping, tooth clench
  • Inappropriate use and accident injuries

Patients with serious gingival illnesses (parodontopathy) are appraised with more care and from a unique standpoint. They should appear for regular check-ups every 3 months.

Caring for dental implants is required as oral hygiene basics, including brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups half a year by our centres.

For those of our patients who are not able to come for regular check-ups every six months, the guarantee covers 100 % of the value of the implants and prosthesis, but it will decrease by 10% yearly.

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